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Xynole is a light weight open weave cloth made out of polyester instead of glass fibers.  It is very drapable and easy to wet out and as well does not have the fiberglass itch. It is often called the poor man's kevlar because it has very good impact and abrasion resistance.  It has good stretch before failure and it makes a good covering over wood hulls and decks as it will stretch and bend with wood's tendency to swell or bend.  Remember, do not use for stitch and glue or to hold things together because of its stretch.  Use fiberglass instead for strength applications.  Lastly if you do not quite fill in the weave it will make a good non skid surface.  Call and we will be happy to explain more.

4 oz. x 55 inches

1-29 Yards       30-99 Yards       100 + Yards
$8.75            $7.88             $7.00


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